Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thinking About Bathrooms

G has been in school all day, and I have been at home.

It certainly feels a bit strange to have the whole house to myself.  I feel like I should either be with G or be at work.  But for right now, that isn't the case.

You see, we've been trying to plan ahead for the future, but I've been caught up with the But What Ifs for over a year now, paralyzing any significant decision making.  A month or two ago, I was finally ready to live life as is and deal with changes as they come.

What did I want to do now?

Well, I've been thinking about going full time at work for awhile now, but G was just too happy with her situation.  She started a very part time preschool and she loved going to her in-home daycare.  Why pull her from that norm just so I could work more?  I just wasn't ready.

Then, D and I started to realize that G actually outgrew her in-home day care.  She wasn't napping and come winter, she wasn't going to be playing outside at all.  So we started to shop around and discovered that a full time preschool/day care combo was the way to go.  She'd get some schooling in the morning, quiet time in the afternoon, and plenty of fresh air and good wholesome food for the same rates as we were paying before.

So I said hey, Work!  I'd like more hours!

And Work said, hey!  We'll get back to you!

And D said, hey!  Let's get G enrolled now before the spot closes!

And I said, hey!  Okay!

Work eventually agreed to up my hours to 32 a week, but not until November.  Which means for the duration of October, G is in full time care and I'm off Thursdays and Fridays with nary a permit to write.

What's a girl to do?

Paint a bathroom.

Here is our guest bathroom:

Compare it to Grimace or Barney, depending on your generation, and either way, you get a Vibrant Purple.

It took me an hour to put the first coat on, but here's an up close of that first coat:

Behr Premium Plus with Primer does not cover in one coat, especially if you are trying to cover the Great Grape Ape with a soft, butter cream color.

I still need to cut in around the doors, ceiling, shower, light fixtures, etc, but overall not bad for an hour.

I hope to be done by date night time tomorrow.

In the mean time, off to go get that step ladder from the basement so I can finish for the day.