Wednesday, November 27, 2013


My very last words before going to sleep almost every single night is, "Thank you, God, for everything." I could go on and on and ON about all the things in my life that I am grateful for, but that one sentence pretty much sums it up. I say it on bad days, to remind myself that life doesn't suck just because today did. I say it on good days, to remind myself not to take good fortune for granted. Then there are the days where I'm so stupid tired that I pass out before I get a chance to finish a thought.
Tomorrow is, of course, Thanksgiving. A day dedicated to appreciating what we have, no matter how little or how much we do have. Tomorrow, I get to celebrate it with my brother, my husband, and my girl. We'll cook turkey and pie and probably eat too much. My brother and husband will likely loosen their belts watching a football game while G and I snuggle on the couch. In the days that follow, we will begin decking the halls with Christmas decorations galore. We'll eat leftovers and drink hot chocolate and watch Monsters University over and over and over.
Our thanksgiving weekend may or may not look like yours, but as long as you can appreciate what you have and be okay with what you don't have in your own way, then you have honored the spirit of Thanksgiving.
Enjoy your holiday season, my friends and family. Know that every single day, you are included in my prayer to God, even if you are a lovable atheist. You are a part of my 'everything'.  

Happy Thanksgiving!