Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cleaner Cleaning

It is no secret that I fall somewhat short of the title "Domestic Goddess."  However, I have made an effort to transition our house that was formerly full of Clorox wipes, kitchen degreasers, shower cleaners, and Windex to a cleaning arsenal of baking powder, vinegar, and water.

I am on the cusp of shortening even that list to just water.

A month or two ago, I attended one of those typical house parties (not of the St. Norbert variety).  You know, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, that sort of thing.  This time: environmentally friendly cleaning products.  I sat through the demonstration with my momma lady friends impressed but skeptical.  So she cleaned a dirty mirror with a cloth and water.  So the dusting mops are unbelievable, if my friends floors are to be believed (and my god they are beautiful, clean floors).  So they all claim that their glass shower doors are hardwater/soap scum free with little effort.  Whatevs.  That stuff is expensive, and we can't afford to spend $15 on a cloth.  Reusable, yes, but still.

Then came the complaint of my dear husband, that after I clean the bathrooms they smell like vinegar.  Alright then, I'm getting the basic package of a window cloth and a regular cloth to clean with water.  Can I have $30?  Yep, so long as he doesn't smell any vinegar.

AND WOW.  I have never had streak free windows, especially my patio doors.  My dog nosed, Gracie schmooied, filthy patio doors.  They are brilliantly clear now.  Not a single streak.

And my TV screens.  And my mirrors.  I just ran around and cleaned everything with a reflective surface with the window cloth and a spray bottle of water.

And the bathroom?  I use one cloth, starting at the vanities and sinks and end wiping down the toilet.  WITH WATER.  And the whole bathroom is clean.  Like CLEAN.

I want more.  I want to dust with the dust mitt.  I want to clean my floors with their mops (Which works like a dream on dog hair.  And we all know practically nothing works at all on dog hair.)  I want the uber cloths for the kitchen that my friends promise will cut through the grease like a hot knife through butter.  And I want that spira-thingy that will finally get my shower door shiny and new again.

Care to join me on this obsession?  I'm going to host what is called a catalog party.  Check out this online catalog (or take a peek at  Try something (especially that window cloth...because I haven't washed it yet and it keeps my patio doors, mirrors, and windows spotless.  And my TVs.  Seriously.)

I know it's expensive, but when you think about how much cleaning products and paper towels/microfiber cloths cost, the window thing will pay for itself.  And it's all antibacterial in the Old School sense.  Like silver compounds or something.  A very brief explanation is on the website; ask Jenell (my friend and Norwex expert) for more info.

For me, I don't have to stress out about cleaning with my kid around, which is huge.  I don't have to store chemicals.  I don't have to stock up on paper towels or microfiber cloths (that irritatingly never worked at all).  Most of all and most unbelievably: it works.  It actually cleans.  I may not be a Domestic Goddess, but by gum these suckers will make one of me yet!

I'll leave the party open until August 1st.

Anyway, check this stuff out.  If you live by me, ask me for the window demonstration.  I love showing off my purple window cloth.

Ok, I'm done peddling the goods!  Enjoy!